Intelligent Machines Lab’s vision is to empower our clients with practical, traceable, contextual AI solutions designed for high-performance in sparse-data situations.

We do this by applying our pioneering natural language processing technology and deep computational linguistics to help our clients solve previously unsolved high-value problems.


World’s First Auto-Curating Research Portal

Knowledge on Demand. Search, auto-curate, organize, intuitively traverse, expose knowledge and discover hidden insights, from the open web or any internal document collection, or both.

Traceable and Adaptable Grading Technology

Consistency in grading, instant feedback, instant class level and traceable analytics. Configure for any open response or essay assignment with a prompt, rubric, and course material.

Essay Writing with Real-Time Reference Material

Develop an outline, seed essay with auto-curated reference material from the web or private collection. AI-enabled evaluation of flow, style, plagiarism, and other advanced metrics.

Powerful Platform to Prepare for IELTS Writing

Improve one’s IELTS Writing Score through various features, including automatic scoring and feedback, expert evaluation, and more.


Our Vision
Our vision is to empower our clients from around the globe with practical, traceable, contextual and creative AI solutions, designed for high-performance in sparse-data situations.
What We Do
We generate real-time knowledge, through the world’s first configurable auto-curating research portal that operates on any corpora (internet, research sites, document libraries, corporate repositories). Our technology overcomes the shortcomings and biases of Search engines and opens the door to real-time research.

Our products are built on pioneering and proprietary natural language processing and deep computational linguistics technology. They enable real-time research, automate complex assessments and facilitate high-quality writing.

Our custom solutions enable knowledge based solutions involving the understanding of unstructured content.

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